Market Solutions




Rapid and effective communication is key to staying ahead of the competition. Better communications leads to better decisions - and better results. That's why companies of all sizes turn to us for audio/visual systems that allow them to connect with people, partners and customers quickly and easily.


Our audio/visual communications solutions help businesses make decisions faster, manage dispersed employees, react to market opportunities and solve issues in real time, regardless of where participants are located. In addition, our solutions dramatically reduce travel expenses, increase productivity and maximize employee time.




The world of education is continually changing. Educators today require a first-class curriculum integrated with state-of-the-art technology to enhance teaching and learning and prepare students for tomorrow.


At all levels, from kindergarten to post-graduate studies, educational systems have utilized our expertise to integrate audio/visual solutions that fit their needs and budgets into both established and newly built facilities.


Innovative educators are using our audio/visual solutions to improve student learning and redesign the way they teach. Our staff can design, engineer and install complete audio/visual systems into "SMART" classrooms, auditoriums, video production studios, distance learning rooms and technology training rooms - simply and cost-effectively.


Houses of Worship


Clear, effective, relevant communication is critical in today's churches and Houses of Worship. With new media resources and communication technologies, churches seek to leverage technology to radically improve communication while removing distractions. Whether it is visual projection systems, sound reinforcement or lighting control, the TSI team can work with the church to design and implement the solution that is best and most effective for your Worship environment.


For large venue situations, the Video Projection System can maintain the intimacy of a smaller venue with a video projection of the speaker or Pastor to allow parishioners to capture the feeling and emotion of the sermon even if they are a far distance from their position in the church. Audio/Visual System also allow multiple services to run simultaneously in two areas if the worship area of the church is not large enough to accomodate all who attend.